ACTOR Title: Time

Written by: Farukh Bashir

Type: Short Film

Genre: Drama - Family

Logline: "A story of a Cancer patient, who lived his life with Never to give up spirit"

"Waqt" (Time) is a story of a boy, who came from abroad to Pakistan for study and work. He lived with his cousin. He is a very reserve person and he have not too many friends. He loved to be alone. One day he vomit, in which he see some blood. After checkup he finds that, he is the victim of "Cancer" last stage. For the first few days, he did not accept that reality and did not tell anyone about his "Cancer". But after few days, when he realized the importance of life. He make a promise to himself that, he lived his life in double speed. From now, he did not work or study. He just enjoying his life through his savings like, to do parties, traveling and more... His cousin and other family members amazed but happy to see his changed behavior. They did not know about the actual reality of his changed behavior. But after few days, when he gets a severe attack, all of his family members find him in a "Cancer" last stage. His cousin try to call a doctor, but he stop him. He knows that, his time has come and in next few minutes, he will die. In the last moments of his life, he convey a very special and strong message to everyone that, "The only thing that will stop You from fulfilling your dream is YOU..."


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