ACTOR Title: Transit of Venus

Written by: Victor Pytko

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Drama

Logline: "Transit of Venus" is a melodrama in which a young man, ending a bad marriage, is forced to give up his parental rights betting that his daughter will seek to restore their unique bond once she turns 18.

Synopsis: Needing parental consent, a young Don Wallace weds Julie Wentworth for the wrong reasons and finds himself immersed in a marriage made far from Heaven. His inability to make good decisions leads to a series of trials and tribulations that ultimately are transcended with the birth of his daughter Lee. Forced into divorce and choosing between having his daughter suffer the consequences of his fight for visitation, and breaking contact altogether, Don endures the passage of time and distance betting that when Lee is old enough to flee her mother's control, that she will recall their special relationship, seek him out and discover that his abandonment had everything to do with how much he loves her.

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