ACTOR Title: Tropical Fish

Written by: Samuel Tebandeke

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Drama

Logline: One story, one epic tale of three sisters growing up against the backdrop of a young nation of Uganda.

Synopsis: The film is a coming of age story based on the novel by Commonwealth Writers' Prize-winning author Doreen Baingana that revolves around the lives of a family based in Entebbe Uganda. It follows Christine, Patti and Rosa the daughters of a relatively well off family whose father, a senior government official, becomes an alcoholic and loses everything starting with his job. Through it all, the mother has to support her family on her own. It follows the lives of the three sisters. It touches religious influence in Africa, boarding school life in missionary schools, first love, superstition, inevitably AIDS, love across the colour with a sugar daddy syndrome, the sense of alienation that comes with migrating to another country (USA) and that of displacement after coming back home. Rosa, the eldest sister, is promiscuous and later dies of HIV/AIDS. Patti the middle sister, turned into a born again Christian. And Christine the youngest went to Los Angeles and comes back eight years later to pick up a job amidst the struggles of discovering her inner self.

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