ACTOR Title: Unparalleled

Written by: Liam McCann

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Thriller

Logline: When Jason and his wife are murdered to conceal a controversial medical discovery, Jason becomes a different version of himself in an alternate reality. Can he unravel the mysteries of this parallel universe and find the assassin before he kills them again?

Synopsis: Jason's wife Ceri makes a lab discovery that could help cure asthma and hayfever, but her university inexplicably cuts her funding. The chancellor then dispatches a hitman to kill her so that she can keep the discovery to herself.

Jason's car is run off the road onto a railway line by the assassin. Jason escapes the crash but he can't free Ceri and both are killed when a train strikes the vehicle.

Jason suddenly finds himself in a World War One trench and he's about to go over the top. He is killed a second time when a shell explodes nearby. Jason again finds himself becoming a different version of himself: this time he's an old man at the point of death. Every time he dies, he comes back in an alternate reality at various stages in his other selves' lives.

Jason is eventually reborn in New York. He's a finance officer working for Allergen Biotech, a company that's developing cures for respiratory illnesses. A rival company, Hunter Pharmaceuticals, is about to release a wonder cure for asthma, which will bankrupt Allergen. However, Jason discovers that Hunter's drug has deadly side-effects.

He has no idea who to trust or if it's possible to return to his former life. It's only when he meets Alex, a man locked in a similar cycle of death and rebirth, that he discovers his purpose is to expose the weaknesses in Hunter's expensive drug and get Allergen Biotech's cheap and effective alternative to market.

Jason infiltrates Hunter Pharmaceuticals and brings the company's security team to justice. He also realizes that the only way he can save his wife is by killing himself to escape the parallel universes until he returns to his former life.

Jason commits suicide and returns to his life before the car crash. He rescues Ceri and overpowers the hitman. Ceri then delivers information about the cheap new drug to her university. She also confronts the chancellor.

Jason finally learns that Alex, the man who helped him in the alternate realities, happens to be the father he never knew.

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