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  MOVIE POSTER VOLKSWAGEN JOE, 29min, Drama/Political, Ireland
Directed by Brian Deane

Northern Ireland 1981 - Faced with an impossible decision, a conflicted border-town mechanic is forced to make a choice that will change his life forever.


The film began as an award winning play in the early 90s written by renowned playwright Brendan McCann and performed by the Belturbet Drama Society. Over the last few years Brendan's son Kevin spotted the potential in it and applied with the Drama society for Peace III funding (A peace and reconciliation fund for border counties North and south) to turn it in to film. After Drama Society secured the funding they put out a call for filmmakers to work with them to turn it into a film.

TW Films was chosen from over 80 applicants to take on the project.


Starring Stuart Graham (Hunger, Made in Belfast, The Fall)
Janet Moran (Love/Hate, Breakfast on Pluto, Quirke)
John Delaney (Titanic, Blood & Steel)
Matthew O Brien (Inside, Reasons to be silent)
Paddy Rocks (A Belfast Story, Game of Thrones)
Helen Roche (Roy, Deception)


Cork-native Director Brian Deane led the project. Brian won his first award back in 2008 in Cannes at Spike Lee's International Film Festival for his college graduation film "Without Words", which has been watched by over 400,000 viewers on Youtube. He's a graduate of UCC in Cork and the Huston School of Film in Galway, has directed for TV and set up TW Films in 2008. VWJ was adapted by award-winning screenwriter Matthew Roche who worked closely with Brendan McCann to make sure the final film stayed true to the play, the language of the region, and the history of the time. Matthew is also a graduate of the John Huston School of Film and his short films have won awards and have been screened all over the world.

VWJ was produced by Dublin native Anna O'Malley. Anna a UCD and DCU graduate who has worked on a number of high profile film productions including The History Channel's Vikings, CW's Reign and Showtime's highly anticipated Penny Dreadful. Anna has produced for RTE News and Current Affairs as well as training as a Coordinator in London with NBC. She is now cutting her teeth as an Independent Film Producer.

Co-Producer and Editor Eamonn Cleary is also from Dublin and has worked extensively in the Irish Film and Television Industry for the last 10 years. He has crewed on huge Hollywood Blockbusters like King Arthur, Ps I love and Haywire as well as Irish productions like The Clinic and Single-handed. He has edited award winning television, music videos and short film projects. Belturbet Drama Society is one of Ireland's foremost Amateur Drama Societies and the home of playwright Brendan McCann and his son Producer Kevin McCann as well as Executive Producer Clare McGlade, treasurer Paddy O'Reilly and Chair Person Brian McDermitt.