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BIRDS FLY SOUTH is a story based on 24 hours in two brothers lives. It looks at one caught up in paranoid schizophrenia and the other just trying to live his dreams which may be just as delusional and the story of the relationship between two brothers trying to help each other out despite all the odds.

Some 50 years ago my elder brother was born prematurely becoming the lightest baby ever born at his hospital, skin transparent, he was clinically dead, yet he came back to life. If that wasn't a tricky enough feat, he was thrown another obstacle to overcome as he was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic some 25 years ago.

His behaviour in any case before the health community gave him this tag was a little in the extreme to say the least. Leading him to live rough, be imprisoned, detained in foreign countries and locked up on secure wards in some of the bleakest facilities I have ever seen.

When full blown the condition leads him to be completely delusional imagining that there is a government plot to have him taken down, in better days he's a happy bunny chain smoking a mountain of cigarettes and drinking tea thinking about his close business ties with Richard Branson.

Throughout my life I have tried to help him through this condition, my mum dedicated large chunks of her life trying to resolve his issues and undo his knots, consulting with many eminent psychiatric practitioners including R.D. Laing.

There was an 8 year period after the very worst days of his illness, living outside of london, he used to visit me once monthly or so.

Aided by some fantastically talented, generous friends and crew, I shot on the tightest of budgets in 2 days with a half morning pick ups. We have, since been piecing together the story. BIRDS FLY SOUTH is my first short film so I hope you enjoy.

Short Film from UK

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