ACTOR Title: Weird is Normal

Written by: Ajax Georgandasl


Genre: Sci-Fi, Comedy

Logline: The year is 2050, and everyone on the planet is now a vegan. Humanity is on the brink of extinction and it is up to a lone hero to bring back straight porn and mutton chops.

Synopsis: In this not-so-ideal future, everything that was once considered weird is now normal. Most people on the planet are gay and the very few that are straight are frowned upon, meat is completely banned forcing everyone to become a vegan and animals are now considered equal to men, having been given the ability to vote. Our hero, Edward McStraight, must somehow bring back straight porn and meat consumption. He succesfuly manages to cooperate with some straight rebels and videotapes the first straight porn movie in years. Afterwards he hacks the governments of the world, forcing them all to display the porn on every single TV around the globe. Then, after befriending a lion, he manages to remind the world just how tasty meat is. Having completed his mission and bringing the world back to its former glory, it is revealed he too has a gay lover and hasn't eaten a steak in all his life.

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