ACTOR Title: We're Boyz Again!

Written by: R. Royale

Type: Feature Script

Genre: Drama, Thriller, Comedy, Crime, Science Fiction, Mystery & Suspense

Logline: A 1994 horrific video store murder that separated a close inner city friendship by ones death - then relationship rekindles with JC's, played by Justin Bieber, ghost returning for his friend's, De'Aaron, played by O'Shea Jackson Jr. (Ice Cube's son), help to persuade a reopening of an investigation to sentence his killer, Leon David Dorsey, who's played by Terry T. Miles, to death on a confession to the video store killings; and afterward CJ inspires De'Aaron emotionally to pursue his writing as he moves on to the after-life.

Pitch: Ghost meets Boyz n' The Hood which is about two close inner city friends, De'Aaron Matthews an inspired writer and Cristopher James, who goes by CJ and works in a well-known video store - and as destiny has it, their friendship interrupted by a monstrous and devilish human being's action of many proportions; with Leon David Dorsey killing CJ - then later "Ghosts of Unrest Souls" tells CJ why his spirit hasn't moved on -- because of his killer's harmful soul mustn't remain in this current life; and once it's abolished then his can pass through to the after-life - so he needs his friend's help to convince authorities that his killer still out there; then together using Leon's cellmate, they trick Leon into confessing and he's sentence to death by lethal injection -- and CJ speak to his friend emotionally about pursuing his writing dream as his spirit can finally move on.

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