ACTOR Title: Who Killed Honor Bright?

Written by: Patricia L Hughes

Type: Feature Script

Genre: History, Thriller, Crime, Action, Drama

Logline: This film focuses on the murder of Honor Bright in Ireland in 1925 and reveals how authorities in the Irish Free State harrassed and then murdered her. Afterwards she was maligned as a prostitute and her assassin acquitted. It portrays corruption at the heart of the new government.

The newly established Garda Siochana was used to spread deceitful rumours and coerce witnesses to conceal the victim's identity and the reason for her death. False evidence, perjury and the forceful suppression of potential witnesses at a sham trial led to huge public demonstrations, but newspapers were coerced into printing only authorised stories or facing the consequences from the Garda and the Minister of Justice.

All persons involved in these events systematically destroyed evidence. Therefore the evidence provided is almost all circumstantial. However the lives of William Butler Yeats, his wife George, Minister of Justice Kevin O'Higgins, Commissioner Eoin O'Duffy, Chief Superintendent David Neligan, Lily O'Neill or Honor Bright and Kevin O'Neill have never before been juxtaposed. Examined together they reveal a completely different landscape.

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