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This month's submitters reactions to their feedback on their stories. New testimonials coming each month!

I'm thrilled that my script has made it to this stage. I found it was very cool hearing it being read out loud with a cast of characters. I know where the script is supposed to go and hearing it on the video I can see it happening. I want to thank you and your team for all the work you put in to getting my script to this point. I really appreciate it.
Barb Markusa
The Other Side, 1st Scene Script

Thank you for the feedback on my screenplay. I am most appreciative of your comments. I am happy that I sent only the first 10 pages of my screenplay. Now I will carefully read over what I need to work on, and continue to improve on the rest of it as I proceed.
June Fleming
The Children of the Fire, 1st Scene Script

I really enjoyed the video, and think everyone did an awesome job! Thank you all so much! You guys are great!!
Justuce Heninger
Of Their Own Accord, 1st Scene Script

Thanks a lot for the feedback. I will make sure I solidify the script with the suggestions given before resending it.
Stephen Uyi
Soul Cops, 1st Scene Script

Thank you for the feedback. I will take a look at where I can implement your notes.
Tom Pavlock
Where Serpants Lie, 1st Scene Script

Many thanks for the feedback. I have read it over and over and will act on your advice. I really appreciate all your comments.
Kathleen Stevens
Day of the Scarecrow, 1st Scene Script

Thank you very much for your insightful feedback and comments on my screenplay Just One More Buck.
Debra Chaney
Just One More Buck, 1st scene script

Thank you for your feed-back about my first 10 pages. I think you're right about the formatting issues. I do need a little polish that way. I thought I had it and just free-based it.
Marisa Torre,
Tramps Like Us, 1st scene script

Wow, thank you, you all are awesome. This totally lifted my spirits. I was kicking myself for the dumb little errors I found after rechecking and rechecking and hoped the story would be strong enough to allow you to 'overlook' them knowing I would catch them
- Persephone Vandegrift,
Death of a Mortal Woman, 1st Scene Script

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