Written by: Ben Abrass

Type: Short Film

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Logline: In New York's little Russia, a beautiful young woman fights for her life and soul when a routine tooth extraction rapidly devolves into a hellish exorcism.

Synopsis: Tatjana is as beautiful as she is shallow. She lives with her grandmother, Mrs. Chenko, in a small apartment in Brooklyn's Little Russia. In the morning, in front of the mirror, Tatjana applies makeup under her grandmother's supervision. The plan is to find a rich man to marry, and working as a hostess in a club is how they aim to achieve that goal.

Everything is going according to plan, until the day Tatjana is taken by an unbearable toothache. Paying premium is out of the question, so Mrs. Chenko calls an old acquaintance from the mother land, Dr. Slava, a dentist who might also be a magician. Despite its clandestine nature, the tooth extraction goes well, but when she is urged by her grandmother to destroy the tooth in accordance with the old traditions, Tatjana, in a moment of vanity, refuses, and locks herself in her room. There, she painfully forces the tooth back into place.

The situation remains grim, and Tatjana continues to suffer, growing pale and weak. When Mrs. Chenko goes to check on Tatjana, she is confronted with a heart-stopping sight: an evil spirit has taken hold of her granddaughter. It takes the form of aggressive hyperdontia -- Tatjana's mouth is filled to the brim with teeth of every shape, condition, and kind, human and animal.

Left with no other choice, Mrs. Chenko and Dr. Slava call upon Father Vassili, an orthodox priest and warrior of God. What begins as a run-of-the-mill exorcism quickly degenerates when it becomes obvious that to fully exorcise the evil spirit, every tooth in Tatjana's mouth must be destroyed.

Dr. Slava then proceeds to break every tooth in Tatjana's mouth, shattering the jaw, cutting through the gums, exorcising Tatjana tooth by tooth, her mouth overflowing with gore and blood, an abattoir. On the floor, a shocked Mrs. Chenko gathers each broken tooth in her hands, as if they were holy relics.

After the ordeal, time passes and Tatjana is back to her old routine at the club, passionately kissing a silver-haired prospect.

Later, in front of her mirror, Tatjana is revealed to us bare, with no makeup. Her beauty is pure and unscathed. Until the moment she reaches into her mouth and removes her upper and bottom prosthesis, revealing the limp and pallid devastation that is now the bottom half of her face. An image of unadulterated horror.

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