ACTOR Title: Work in Progress

Written by: Stephanie Yuhas

Type: TV show

Genre: Comedy

Logline: An aspiring puppeteer leaves her over-protective immigrant family to pursue an arts degree, but her dreams and inner doubts manifest themselves as puppets that only she can see and hear.

Synopsis: Maggie, an aspiring puppeteer, leaves her over-protective, old-world family to persue her dreams at Philadelphia Arts College. She has no money, no job, and no knowledge of the city that comes instinctively to her peers. And even in her dorm, she has been grouped with other outcasts. To make matters worse, her overprotective family has instilled her with an unhealthy combination of guilt and fear that wrestle with her hopes and dreams, each side taking the form of a puppet. Is everybody around Maggie crazy? Or is it just her? Now she must navigate school, work, and her social life with all her inner thoughts whispering in her ear.

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