Written by: Peter Steinberg

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Sports, Drama

Logline: A homeless orphan with a history of being abused, spends the summer of 1927 with the New York Yankees, and while he struggles to prove his worth to the team, his own relentless and terrifying demons threaten to destroy him.

The following screenplay received positive coverage from David Kline, co-founder of Script Pipeline.

YANKEE BOY is the next great baseball story, fashioned in the vein of baseball classics like FIELD OF DREAMS and MONEYBALL, and coming of age films like A BRONX TALE. It's the story of Hank Wilson, a fourteen year old orphan who was horribly abused by his violent and alcoholic father. He earns a job with the 1927 Yankees - and is soon thrust into the rivalry of the ages, the great home run chase between Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, and the start of their intense feud that lasted for twelve years. Hank watches as Ruth manipulates the media, and witnesses his free-wheeling and decadent ways; and he gets the education he never had from Gehrig. Throughout the season, Hank becomes the conduit between these divergently different men. But Hank is plagued by flashbacks from his abusive history, and nightmares that become progressively worse. The summer of '27 should have been the greatest time in Hank's life, but when his past boils over and grabs him by the throat, he's in danger of being thrown off the team, and suffering a shattering breakdown that could ruin him forever.

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