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  MOVIE POSTER YOU ME AND JUNIOR, 15min, Comedy, Denmark
Directed by Michael Torp

A new law has just been introduced in Denmark. We follow Timo and Ida, who are expecting their first child. The new law forces them therefore into a psychological test to detect whether they are narcissists.

You, me & Junior - Directors notes

The idea for "You, Me & Junior" came out of an observation that we increasingly put ourselves in focus. It has also been reported in the media, and some opinion leaders believe that it is a narcissism epidemic in the West. In particular it gets its fertilizer through Facebook, blogs and the Internet in general.

If you have to articulate a problem, you are forced to have a counterpoint to it. I got the idea that it should be a story of the little man against the system. And based on what I thought: If it is an epidemic, we must, as a society react politically and try to stop it, as you would do with any other epidemic?

Therefore I let my thoughts wander, and tried to come up with an absurd idea for how the system can respond to the epidemic. It should be absurd, so we could build a comedy around the idea, and so we could put the sympathy for the little man against the system. And as things progressed, it became more and more unclear what was the good and the evil. The narcissism or the fight against narcissism. So it must be up to each individual to decide.

I believe that comedy can be just as an effective genre, to give people thoughts, as dramas can. And I hope that this film can contribute to that.

I wrote the film in a writing course, at the European Film College. And the script I came out with was actually very close to the one we ended up with. Though the end was markedly different. Morten, who plays the main character was very much against it, so we talked a lot, about that part of the film. And I believe that through that talk, we ended up with the perfect ending.

I hope that the movie might stick a little to you, and maybe give some thought about the subject.

- Michael Torp