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  MOVIE POSTER 5 MINUTES EACH, Animation/Fantasy - 10min - Canada
Appeared at WILDsound's September 2013 Film Festival

Directed by Vojin Vasovic

An animated fantasy 5 min.

5 Minutes Each is a metaphorical story about the constant struggle of the artist to reach those five minutes of limelight. A tale about an upswing and downfall, with the climax appearing concurrently and unexpectedly. The hermetical life of artists, who are enclosed into their own world of ideas, striving to create the epochal masterpiece. Even if they succeed, the image they create is the reflection of themselves. And with the same fervor, they repeat the process in endless cycles.

short films

short films

short films

Winner of 25 international awards and counting, this delightful short by young Serbian expat from Canada Vojin Vasovic is a metaphorical story about the constant struggle of artists to achieve recognition. Told as a cautionary tale about the quest for five minutes of fame, the film looks at the hermetic life of artists, locked in their own world of ideas, striving to create the epochal masterpiece. Humorous and witty, this animated exploration of the relation between art and the artist, creates a hyperbolical picture of an everyday artist, with a dollop of vanity. And the lure of fame is of course a path towards his doom.


2012 Oxford Film Festival, Oxford, Mississippi
2011 Rockport Film Festival, Rockport, Texas
2011 Bay Street Film Festival, Thunder Bay, Canada
2011 Montreal Black Film Festival, Montreal, Canada
2011 Lighthouse International Film Festival, Long Beach Island, New Jersey
2011 Ion International Film Festival, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
2011 Lad Matters Film Festival, Boulder, Colorado

Film Website:

Filmography : BACK PORTRAIT (2009 Doc) - Writer/Director BREATHTAKING (2008 Fiction) - Producer/Director DEAD PHONES (2007 Doc) - Director SUGARLIKE (2007 Fiction) - Writer/Director NEXT (2006 Animated Short) - Producer/Writer/Director IMITATION OF "DEATH" (2006 Doc) - Writer/Director Film source : HD/Bluray Source: Vojin Vasovic, To Blink Studio

Director's Biography:

Vojin Vasovic is a theatre and film director. He holds a Master of Arts from the Graduate Centre for Study of Drama at the University of Toronto. He finished his film-directing undergraduate program in The Academy of Arts in Belgrade, Serbia, and has been working in film and experimental theatre since 2002.

He is the recipient of many awards for scene movement, lighting design and direction in theatre. His films have been shown in many international film festivals, garnering twenty-nine awards. He has written screenplays, plays and radio dramas, which have been produced by Radio Belgrade and other literary and theatre companies. He hopes to direct an animated feature in the future.

toronto film festival