Best of Hathaway Movie Scenes and Videos!

20. KISS ME ANNE HATHAWAY - Watch ELLA ENCHANTED. Sitting by a fireplace, Ella (Anne Hathaway) and Char (Hugh Dancy) share their first kiss.

19. A NAKED WOMAN - Watch LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS. When Maggie (Anne Hathaway) strips unexpectedly for Jamie (Jake Gyllenhaal), Josh (Josh Gad) gets an eyeful.

18. TAKE OFF YOUR CLOTHES AND JUMP ME - Watch LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS. Jamie (Jake Gyllenhaal) and Maggie (Anne Hathaway) share a nice moment together over some take-out Chinese food.

17. A WRITER IN PARIS - Watch ONE DAY. Emma (Anne Hathaway) picks up Dexter (Jim Sturgess) from the airport in Paris, where she warns him that she has to something to tell him.

16. A LITTLE SOMETHING EXTRA - Watch GET SMART. Acting cool for Agent 99 (Anne Hathaway), Max (Steve Carell) accidentally swallows a blowdart.

15. CATWOMAN BAR SCENE - Watch THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) kicks butt in a bar after a gun is pulled on her.

14. OSCAR SPEECH 2013 ANNE HATHAWAY - Watch Hathaway's Oscar speech for Les Miserables. She won Best Supporting Actress.

13. I DREAMED A DREAM - Watch LES MISERABLES. Watch the musical scene that won Anne Hathaway an Oscar. She was brilliant.

12. AT THE END OF THE DAY - Watch LES MISERABLES. The Anne Hathaway gets fired scene. The foreman was a jerk. Hathaway was brilliant.

11. ANNE HATHAWAY TRIBUTE - The song is 'You Are So Beautiful' by Joe Cocker. All picture rights reserved to the photographers.

10. BECOMING JANE, 2007 - Watch Romantic scene also starring James McAvoy

9. THE PRINCESS DIARIES 2, 2004 - Watch fountain scene with Chris Pine

8. THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, 2006 - Watch fashion scene with Meryl Streep


6. HAVOC part 2, 2005 - Watch Hathaway car sex part 2

5. BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, 2005 - Watch CAR SEX scene with Jake Gyllenhaal

4. GET SMART, 2008 - Watch COMEDY scene

3. RACHEL GETTING MARRIED, 2008 - Watch OSCAR nominated scene

2. PASSENGERS, 2008 - Watch mystery/thriller scene with Patrick Wilson

1. HAVOC, 2005 - Watch sexy scene with Hathaway and BIJOU PHILIPS in HAVOC