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Written by: Isabelle Ziental

Genre: Drama / Mystery / Supernatural .

Type: Short Script

Logline: After several years of absence, Jan, a 45 years old foreigner, comes back to the city's harbor where he once lived. He wanders through the streets, as the events that unfurl before him bring back the memories and the reasons that had him leave town. That very evening as he crosses a Bridge, he has a chance encounter that is as fleeting as it is unexpected. The following day, he returns to the same bridge, hoping for the same encounter.
Pitch: Jan, a 45-year-old foreigner, returns to the town where he was previously living after several years of absence. He begins wandering through the harbour and the city streets. The events that unfurl before him compel him to recall the memories and the reasons why he left town.

That very evening, he crosses a Bridge and has a chance encounter that is as fleeting as it is unexpected. Apparition? Or the haunting witness of a past that is catching up with him? The following evening, he returns to the same bridge and sits on a bench, hoping for the same encounter.

48 hours in a man's life, 48 hours during which he returns to the scene of his past, but also takes a deep plunge into the heart of his repressed memory. Two days during which he confronts the reality he has shunned for so many years, climaxing in a nightlong vigil on a bridge with the inevitable confrontation between a man and his destiny.

Fifteen years earlier, during an evening around a campfire on the banks of the River, Jan and his fiancée Annabelle, a young student, celebrate the end of the academic year with her classmates. Reluctant at first, she finally lets her companions drag her into the haze of alcohol and recklessness.

At dawn, as the makeshift camp awakes, it becomes clear that Annabelle has disappeared. Stunned, her companions then realize that, unbeknownst to them, she fell into the river while they were sleeping or having fun just a few feet away.

Having returned to the city, Jan will relive the events and thus confront his memories. This pilgrimage will then turn into a desperate quest to mourn the past to better grasp a possible future.