Title: Bollywood Burlesque

Written by: Ashgid khan

Genre: Musical, Romance, Comedy

Type: Feature Screenplay

Logline: 4 Geeky Girls dream big to win a dance contest and be Bells of the Ball.

Synopsis: Bollywood Burlesque tells the story of 4 geeky Indian girls who decide to enter a Burlesque competition Bollywood style. Reena and her friends cannot dance to save their lives. To make matters worse Reena's arch enemies the University "It Girls" Kim and her friends are also entering. Reena and Kim both hope to win to impress Raj the University stud. Raj's friends decide they want to enter the contest and push Raj to join. Aunty Sunita and the older women also decide to enter and to show the youngsters how it's done. Everyone practises their show stopping routines in hope for the crown. Thrills and spills in a hilarious cultural dance comedy.

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