Written by: Rebecca Paniagua

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Logline: A demon in human form named Eddie plans to take a former Christian with a former blood thirsty past and turn him into one of Satan's followers.

Synopsis: In his younger years Scott Thompson was a believer in the one true God...until Eddie, a demon in human form, led him to the Satanic side. After years of running around with a Satanic cult Scott renounces all religion, including the one he chose over his childhood religious upbringing. Now 23 years old and newly employed at the brand new BROOKDALE HOTEL, Scott becomes haunted by voices, demons and supernatural experiences that not only affect his everyday life but those he is close to as well.

Refusing to give in, Eddie makes it clear that Scott has no choice as he torments his friends, family, and love interest Sarah.

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