ACTOR Title: Chimes of Freedom

Written by: John MacKenzie

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Adventure, History, Drama

Logline: A displaced indentured servant joins forces with a young English radical to battle a hostile plantation system. Fighting back against a brutal plantation owner and sadistic pirate captain, he embarks on a quest to unite white servants and black slaves in revolution and bring freedom to the West Indies.

Synopsis: My historical adventure screenplay, Chimes of Freedom, takes place in the West Indies of the late 18th century. Beginning on the island of Barbados, indentured servant James Glass, a victim, like his father before him, of the strict social structure of the colony and the tyrannical brutality of the plantation owners, struggles with his identity and with winning his freedom. Unlike his fellow servants, he has developed empathy for, and friendships with, the black slaves on his master's plantation.

Hostile to the system but with no means to fight back, Glass' world takes on new meaning with the arrival on Barbados of Robert Howard, the son of a neighbouring plantation owner but a young man with connections to English radical societies and visions of democratic reform. The meeting with Howard ignites Glass' repressed anger and resentment to the British planter class.

On escaping his master's plantation he is thrust into a series of conflicts, initially with a ruthless pirate captain, on his obsessive quest to instigate an uprising and rid the West Indies of the British. Inspired by news of significant events taking place elsewhere, and by the ideals of the radical movement, he leads a coalition of slaves and poor whites on one final glorious, yet ill-fated, uprising.

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