ACTOR Title: Cop House

Written by: James Campbell


Genre: Crime, Thriller

Logline: Six forcibly retired police officers seek to continue policing by taking turns as detectives and criminals inside of cop house. In regards to Cop House, everyone is a suspect. (T.V. Series Pilot or Web Series)

Synopsis: First season William Vector. Pilot episode as follows:

Victims, Robert and Scarlet Layton are introduced to Cop House, and some of the world elements are introduced to audience. Quick introduction to all the characters of Cop House; William Vector, Lewis Washington (Child), Olive Valentina, Ann the UC (undercover) Narc, Mac the Swat Guy, Officer Barnes, and Saul. End introduction with a heavily disturbed in sleep William Vector, forcefully dreaming about an advertising campaign (unbeknownst to the audience yet) save your beauty. William awakens in a state of sheer aggression only to trip and fall into another state of unconscious, where the audience learns how he ended up at Cop House. Awakened for a second time the mystery begins as strange noises appear from upstairs. As William continues to move about downstairs, and the audience begins to understand the relationship between William and Lewis, the noises upstairs turn from panicked movement to pleading screams of horror. William Vector continues to ignore the sounds until two gunshots are heard and the noise upstairs turns to silence, he must investigate. More relationships are established as William Vector moves upstairs, and a double homicide is found in one of the rooms of Cop House. Ecstatic, William rushes for a forensic kit, gathers evidence, and delivers it to the forensic science expert of the house Lewis Washington. According to Lewis, the crime was a murder suicide. Murder Suicide?... This news throws William into an alcohol binge which then leads him to find the real perpetrator of the crime. In the Cop House court room (steel folding chairs in a circle), Lewis Washington is found out as the perp, he now has to clean up his mess. After the main conceptual piece of Cop House, some of the world elements, and unique characters to Williams arc are shown. IA (Internal Affairs) house is discovered next door, Void McRaven-- Williams ex partner is snooping around Cop House, huge futuristic structure is revealed (note about this at end of synopsis), high end technological growth is found to be terrible and horrifying, the way in which the cops of Cop House are selected for crime duty is showcased, and the general feel/area of Cop House is created. The pilot ends with a mysterious bloodied advertisement that William is set to investigate, an aggressive William in bound to save his beauty, and with William as the next picked criminal-- he now needs to find a victim within a certain amount of time.

Notes: The setting- Essentially the idea is massive city structure built around our solar system or fictional system. Structure is powered by the sun, or in the future, other stars. It's a ship! Cop House does not take place on Earth, but as an interesting artistic idea, Earth can be seen surrounded by the massive futuristic city structure. Technology- Obviously the technology in this series is massively advanced, but in this show, the advanced technology is not a good thing. Technology is horrifying, daunting, dangerous, strange, or does not work how one would imagine it works. Story As Relates To Setting- There can be whole stories just on the setting alone, or the technology alone, but Cop Houses' main story revolves around Cop House and their residents-- huge spinoff potential however. Final Note- If interest exists in this property, but not as a T.V. show (or web series), I can make a full feature out of it. This is a weird show, a dark show, but that is exactly what people will like about it. Audiences will look into the heart of evil and laugh at it. Original, unpredictable, exciting, shocking, conversation worthy, adventurous, and a damn good time.

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