ACTOR Title: Da Crib: Hell Nawh

Written by: Tyrone Dicks

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Comedy

Logline: Recently released, Ex pimp Pricka fights to restore parental rights, while struggling to maintain respectable employment via judges orders. He decides to chance everything and open up a temporarily gambling house (With pimps and homeboys) to fund his Lounge. Pricka obtain his retreat, reunites with Daughter after overcoming countless obstacles.

Synopsis: Opens as Pricka's does what he know's best (Pimping). Gets arrested. Judge tells him he has to leave the pimping alone or he'll make it harder to see regain custody of his daughter. His 9 to 5 isn't going great as his adverary (K.P.: King Pimp) blackmales him making him open up a gambling house to get fast cash to pay him off. Loving to work for himself, he decides to open up a legiimate lounge, sets K.P. up for trying to blackmale him, and is reunited with his Daughter as his Soft Opening in unveiling.

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