ACTOR Title: Dream Keepers

Written by: Leodis Smith


Genre: Animation, Family, Fantasy

Logline: When fears must be faced, it is up to Dremona, Langston, and Laney to find the weapon, find the person, and help them face the fear. Or fear the consequences.

Synopsis: What is Ted afraid of? Spiders. Why does it matter? Because the one woman who can help Ted keeps pet spiders. unluckily for Ted, Mr. Phobian; a ruler of fears, torments him with this fear in such a way that Ted could cause harm to others. Lucky for Ted, he has Laney; a Hispanic teenager with who is kind when all others would call for other actions, Langston; An African American teenager who lost his mother to fears not faced and has been putting his life back together, and Dremona; their fearless commander. These are the Dream Keepers.

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