ACTOR Title: Drop-In

Written by: Nicole Hancock


Genre: Drama, Comedy

Logline: A young, carefree woman's world is turned upside down when she inherits the duty of caring for her estranged, psychotic teenage brother.

Synopsis: Drop-In is a television dramedy series about a young carefree woman named Rebecca Taylor, who after the sudden death of her father, learns that his dying wish was for her to assume guardianship of her pyschotic teenage brother, Joshua. After spending several years in a rehabilitation institution for several years, Rebecca has to help Joshua learn to manage his mental illness and get reacclimated into society while caring for the patients who frequent the drop-in center where she works as a clinical social worker. The series is inspired by the television dramedy Shameless in regards to its depiction of dysfunctioinal families, but it mainy focuses on how familes deal with mental illness.

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