ACTOR Title: Fiend

Written by: Andrew Samuelsen

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Thriller

Logline: When a psychologically damaged ex-Marine and his wife try to make a new start in a small town, he finds himself haunted by a mysterious and deadly creature straight out of local lore.

Synopsis: As World War I grinds to a bloody end, powerful members of a secret Aryan cult conjure an evil creature to avenge a fallen member killed in the trenches.

Generations later Ty Bronski, a twenty-something Marine veteran, comes home from Afghanistan with an artificial leg and a chip on his shoulder. Bronski struggles to save his marriage, overcome PTSD and not be fired from his teaching job.

When Ty Bronski and wife Elise, a twenty something dark haired beauty, move to the Black Forest, a remote region of northern Pennsylvania, they are hoping for a fresh start. Instead Bronski discovers he is being hunted by a supernatural German Stormtrooper.

Panic attacks add to psychological hardships and Bronski doesn't know where to turn. In desperation he begins researching the creature. Though locals know something of its alleged connection to numerous brutal and unsolved murders throughout the Twentieth Century, the old remain tightlipped while the young dismiss it as a bogey man. Bronski discovers an ominous poem warning of a masked stranger. In counseling sessions at the Veterans Administration Bronski questions whether such supernatural encounters are real or PTSD related paranoia.

At school Bronski meets fellow teacher Hank Wolf, a creepy middle aged man who possesses unexplained knowledge of the creature and reveals his own disturbing interest in Bronski's wife. Bronski retaliates, knocking Hank Wolf unconscious in the high school hallway, putting his job and marriage in further jeopardy while infuriating an already dangerous Hank Wolf. Pressure mounts when Elise reveals she is pregnant.

Hank Wolf, continuing the dark work of his deceased great uncle, summons the creature and targets several people for death, including Elise. Bronski vows to destroy the creature. He discovers surviving World War I Marine veteran, Herman Willis, living nearby. Willis relates the origin of the creature and its connection to 19th Century German Occultism, as well as the many unsolved deaths in the surrounding Black Forest, all occurring after Herman Willis returned from the Great War as revenge for the Stormtrooper he killed in 1918. Once Willis and Bronski end their conversation, they step outside and see an evergreen wreath hanging on Willis's door, the sign he has been marked for death. Willis realizes Bronski's wife is being hunted and warns him. Bronski rushes home just as the creature comes to Herman Willis, condemning him in German before hacking him to pieces. Bronski sprints up his apartment steps, past the evergreen wreath on his door, grabbing Elise and his handgun as he rushes her to his car. At the corner he glances back at a shadowy figure sweeping around the rear of their apartment as the couple speeds into the darkness.

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