FIX FACTORY, Feature Script
Reading of the full screenplay

FIX FACTORY, Feature Script Reading
Written by Kyle Jenkins
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NARRATOR - Frances Stecyk
LAWRENCE - Dan Cristofori
WILLIAM - Jason Martorino
BRENDA - Silvina Andrea D'Alessandro
STEVE ALLEN - Neil Bennett
ALEX - Gabriel Darku
WENDY - Cindy Landerman


"After an all-night bender, alcoholic, wannabe family man Lawrence Tijman wakes up in the hospital sporting a mysterious bite mark and a sudden resolution to start his life all over again. During Lawrence's journey to kick the bottle and become a responsible adult, he's confronted by an orphaned child, a girlfriend who's had enough and a guilt-ridden stranger determined to teach Lawrence how to live with his newly discovered thirst for blood, which proves to be far worse than his thirst for booze."

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