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Francisco Ferreira is a melancholic Portuguese architect by formation, and has been teaching and working on Architecture since he finished Architecture school, back in 1991, in Porto, where he lives with his wife and two children, with whom he is hopelessly infatuated. Since 1997 he has been teaching at Minho University, in Guimaraes, a small but iconic town some 50 miles north of his home city. He eventually got himself to finish a Master thesis on Architecture in Barcelona in 2000 and got his PhD degree five years ago, on a sunny day.

He has also been writing and lecturing on several subjects, amongst which a Master course entitled Cities and Cinema. He recently participated in an academic investigation project called Silent Rupture - Intersections on Architecture and Cinema. Portugal 1960-74, where he was given the opportunity to write and direct his first short entitled Panorama, a fiction film on Architecture. To his wonder, Panorama was selected in several film festivals - including Clermont-Ferrand - and actually won a Best National Short Fiction Film prize at the Arquitecturas Film Festival, in Lisbon, in 2013. Since then he is also a co-editor of JACK - Journal on Architecture and Cinema, where he tries to dwell on the films he really likes. In 2014 he enthusiastically repeated the action of writing and directing a short fiction film, from an invitation by fashion designer Anabela Baldaque. The film is called Anywhere.

Francisco has enjoyed cinema and film for most of his conscious life, but now he fears he is becoming obsessed and no longer knows the difference between fiction and reality. Because of that, he is now frequently seen in the process of writing a new film about someone who lost the ability to imagine the Future.

MOVIESANYWHERE, 9min, Panorama/Fantasy, Portugal
Short Film Showcase