ACTOR Title: Harmony AE Pilot

Written by: Justin Bredahl

Type: TV Series

Genre: Sci-Fi, Fantasy

Logline: Harmony AE is a Science Fiction/Fantasy series set 30,000 years in the future long after mankind has left earth and migrated into the stars. Earth was declared uninhabitable after years of war and pollution. A program was set up to escort people off Earth to one of the several planets that had been scouted and deemed acceptable for habitation.

Synopsis: Our story begins on one of the new human colonized planets called Evalia. Three of our protagonists are natives of the planet. Tyler, Alia and Dean have grown up on the planets capitol city Central Town and they work in A Ship Garage owned by Tyler and Alia's incle Mason. Our other protagonist, Damien, is from the planet Xenia, he is part of The Xenin Race. Their most elite warriors of The Xenin Race are known as Reavers. They are often unmatched by other and possess great strength and incredible powers. They also act as a force for good in the universe. Damien is stranded on Evalia after his ship crash landed about a year and a half before our story takes place. Eventually Damien's ship will be repaired and the story will shift when events on Evalia force our protagonists off the planet and into the stars. The story will become a universe spanning adventure.

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