Written by: Kevin Goodson

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller

Logline: A young woman and her boyfriend agree to smuggle 10 kilos of cocaine from South America to Los Angeles to pay her debt.

Synopsis: Carol's twin Christy is having a wedding - the sisters promised that whoever got married first, the other would pay. But Carol's stressed...so stressed she almost wanders into the path of a speeding car. Friend Goldie gets the story: Carol's having a very difficult time coming up with the money for the wedding. So Goldie tells her about a local businessman who lends money - Mr. Juan.

We've seen that Mr. Juan is a ruthless thug, given to throwing guys out of windows - but neither Carol nor Goldie know this.

Carol visits Mr. Juan and arranges a loan, to be repaid out of her yearly bonus. The months go by, and when bonus time comes, Carol's company informs her that business is bad, and there'll be no bonuses. What's more, she's going to be laid off! Now there's no way she can pay back Mr. Juan...and, by now she's found out the kind of man he is from Goldie, who learned too late.

Mr. Juan he makes Carol an offer - he'll forgive her debt if she goes down to Colombia and retrieves some cocaine for him. It's either that, or she dies. Not much of a choice! So Carol and her boyfriend take the trip, with all expenses generously paid by Mr. Juan.

The two have an idyllic vacation in paradise. They forge a new and stronger connection, and their love for each other deepens.

Back home, the police move in on Mr. Juan - but wind up taking out a drug dealer in the same condo complex, as Mr. Juan escapes unnoticed.

Finally, the couple is contacted by Mr. Juan's operative, Mr. Mason, and given two bags containing 5 kilos each. The cocaine is hidden in a special sealed compartment, which they are instructed not to open. Later, fearing reprisals if the cocaine is not there, they opt to open and check the compartments. The cocaine is indeed there, and they reseal them as best they can.

The next day, they get caught in a roadblock on the way to the airport. Tense moments ensue as police search their bags, but nothing is found. Then at the airport they discover they don't have their passports! They miss the flight out, but their passports are located in the cab and returned.

Carol books a flight for the next morning, and the couple beds down in a hotel across the street.

The next day they find that Carol's on one flight and Steven's on the other. Standby doesn't happen, so Carol winds up flying out alone, and Steven stays behind. When Carol arrives home, she finds the body of her sister Christy - murdered by Mr. Juan who thought she was Carol! Back in Colombia, dogs discover the cocaine in the badly sealed bags...and Steven is arrested!

In the end, police raid Mr. Juan and he's killed. Steven winds up in prison, but is killed before he can be released. And a hitman finds and kills Carol - but then she wakes up in the hospital! She actually was hit by the car when shopping earlier, and has been in a coma for 10 days! Everyone is fine except Carol who still owes Mr. Juan $10,000 dollars. Carol eventually pays for the outstanding loan with her life.

Pitch: Romancing the Stone flavor with a Wizard of Oz ending.

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