ACTOR Title: Justice League: Martian Warrior

Written by: Tosin Omotayo

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Sci-Fi, Animation, Action, Comic Book

Logline: Earth superheroes must protect the planet and battle a mysterious and ruthless warrior from Mars: Kal-el.

Synopsis: In an alternate world, 100 years ago, the space pod carrying a baby Kal-el to Earth is intercepted and instead lands on planet Mars. He is trained by the white martians and turn into a warrior, used to wipe out the green martians. As the only survivor of his race of green martians, J'onn J'onzz is accidentally sent to earth and so starts living on earth as John Jones the police detective to help people. But when the transportation portal is reopened from Mars to earth, Kal-el, the warrior is sent to sent to Earth to prepare the way for the full scale invasion of Earth, by destroying any earth weapons, defenses or super powered individuals in the process. Can the Earth heroes stand any chance against this Martian Warrior?

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