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  MOVIE POSTER KEKASIH, 9min, Malaysia, Romance/Sci-Fi
Directed by Diffan Sina Norman


noun: lover; plural noun: lovers

In an effort to confront his loss, Mansor extracts the remains of his late wife only to discover her presence forever illuminated in the divine. Like a bird that sings to a flower and a flower that blooms to a singing bird, Rozita and Mansor's love continue to remain in a harmony of mutual devotion.

Director's Statement

Like the nightingale that sings for the rose to bloom, and the rose that blooms for the nightingale to sing, neither bloom nor song would exist without the other. This theme weaves together the story of Mansor and Rozita. In the final moments of Rozita's passing, Mansor's recitation of the Yassin, a chapter in the Quran often read during death, is abandoned for a seemingly irreverent prayer. In his spirited enchantment, Mansor performs a primal gesture as he desperately seeks Rozita. He achieves an intimate divinity but what he finds may not actually be Rozita, nor may he really be Mansor. It is my intention to convey, with mutual devotion, the harmony of nature in midst of a vulgar and confrontational reality. Neither bloom nor song would exist without the other. What I hope to share is a spiritual fiction in which the presence of the divine takes precedence over our common notion of science fiction.

Cast & Crew

Lead Actor:

A veteran of Malaysian cinema, Nasir Bilan Khan is best known for his winning role of Amir in U-Wei Shaari's Woman, Wife, & Whore. Winning the Best Male Actor at the 1993 Malaysian Film Award, Khan continues to appear in films like Amok, Bohsia, Niyang Rapik and more recently Laga.

Supporting Actor:

Fauziah Nawi, is an actor, director and founder of Sanggar Theatre and Stefani Events. Nawi's versality is no stranger to the music, cinema, television and theatre of Malaysia and Singapore. Nawi recently completed her directing biopic of pop star Zaiton Sameon.

Associate Producer:

Edwin Raj is a trans media director and producer. As the lead singer of They Will Kill Us All, he has shared the stage with the likes of The Smashing Pumpkins, Modest Mouse and Bloc Party. As the founder of Kulture Volume he has produced some of Malaysia's seminal music programs including Homegrown and The Astro Hitz MV Grant.

Assistant Director:

Born and raised in the small town of Sungai Petani, Kedah, Arzuan "Alet" Annuar moved to Kuala Lumpur as a student and eventual intern. Today he has produced over 20 award winning television programs for Media Prima. His loud enthusiasm, bizarre and imaginative mind make him 1/3 of Spaceboy Studios.

Director of Photography:

Aaron Chung was educated in film at the Akademi Filem Malaysia. His student short film Crook was chosen as the Best Malaysian Student Short in 2004. As a cinematographer Aaron also contributed to 15Malaysia (2009), an omnibus film that consists of 15 short films by 15 Malaysian film makers.

Special Effects Make Up:

Ella Sandera is Malaysia's highly acclaimed special effects make up artist. Her prolific body of work include horror films such as, Niyang Rapik, Janin, and most recently the KL ZOMBI flash mob. Ella has worked along side her husband, Ahmad Katimi, since 1996. Both are fans of heavy metal.

Original Music:

Dominic Bisignano was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa. After receiving his bachelor's degree in art history from the University of Iowa, he worked for five years as a computer technician. In 2004 he moved to California to earn a master's degree in experimental animation at California Institute of the Arts. He currently works as an animator and a sound designer/composer for commercials and television.