Lara Arikan
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Lara Arikan- See director BIO

Originally from Istanbul, Turkey, Lara graduated from Ringling College at the age of 21. She remembers drawing almost every waking hour since she was able to hold a pencil, and to her, the most inspiring thing is big blank piece of paper. Lara discovered Ringling College by attending the Ringling PreCollege Summer Program at the age of 17. Prior to that summer, she didn't know that animation could even be an option for a career. She was trained in all aspects of the CG pipeline from visual development to lighting and compositing. She is very grateful to her instructors, peers and the overall positive and incredibly supportive environment Ringling provided. Throughout her college career, she became very involved in student leadership positions around the campus. Her final year at Ringling she decided to pursue production management and hopes to start her career in the animated feature industry upon graduation.

festival posterTHE GRAVEYARD SHIFT, 2min, USA, Animation/Comedy