Luke Guidici
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Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Luke studied cinema at San Francisco State University. After moving to Los Angeles, he's worked as an extra, grip, editor, falconer, writer and director. For this film he drew upon his love of Calvin & Hobbes, his fascination with monsters, and a life long fear of creepy basements.


TIME TO EAT is a short film about childhood imagination and the monster inside all of us. I wanted to make a film that could be enjoyed by audiences around the world - no matter what language they spoke. It was important that the story was universal as well, so I started with the classic idea of the "monster in the basement" then gave it my own little twist. It's important that the protagonists in my films aren't victims... I wanted them (and the audience) to recognize the strength they have, and use that to succeed. And of course, I hope they get a scare and a laugh out of it.

MOVIESTIME TO EAT, 4min, USA, Horror/Comedy
Short Film Showcase