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  MOVIE POSTER MY HERITAGE, Comedy/Mockumentary, 11min, Canada

Directed by Philip Leung and Alex Narvaez


Chan Dai Fok is a white man who was adopted and raised by his immigrant Chinese father. Dai Fok grows up resenting his Tiger Dad, because he thinks nobody in North America understands the white oriental. So as an act of defiance, he decides to cease all ties with his father, and abandon the man who loves him the most.



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short films

short films

short films

short films


For some reason, the premise of an Asian family adopting a white child sounded hilarious to me. Probably because it seemed so unlikely. And probably because it is not far off from my own upbringing.

Despite being born Chinese, I was raised in Canada where I quickly assimilated with white friends in order to feel relevant. I spoke English at school, at work, and even forced it against my parents at home. Over time, I grew embarrassed about my heritage, believing in the stereotypes others would tell me. At one point after I returned home from university, my father admitted to, 'raising a complete stranger.'

I have since traveled a fair bit, and lived around the world. Having gained some insight, I wrote and co-directed MY HERITAGE as a love letter to my parents. A film that represents the difficulty of raising children as first generation immigrants. What better way to convey that message than through a humorous premise, where my parents and I can finally laugh at our past mistakes.

Philip Leung,
Writer / Co-Director


Mike Fleury was born and raised in Greenwood, Nova Scotia. He started out as News Editor for the alt weekly newspaper 'The Coast'. While still in Halifax, Mike did numerous duties for CBC Radio as an anchor and reporter, where he fine-tuned the magnificent instrument that is his voice. Since relocating to Toronto in 2007, Mike has worked as a researcher and producer for CTV, an associate producer for CBC Radio's 'Q', an on-air anchor for TSN Radio, and a producer with CBC Television's 'George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight.'


Tony Leung was born and raised on the island of Hong Kong. In 1988 he immigrated with his family to start a new life for his wife and two kids in Canada. Since then, Tony has founded IPE Logistics (Canada) Inc., a successful freight forwarding company with offices in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. Tony has always acted on the side, which most notably won him a free lunch for a local Church production of A Christmas Carol in 1990. Despite claims that he has 'given up acting for good,' Tony has come out of retirement to give one final performance in 'My Heritage.'


Sam Vesti is an aspiring comedian. Besides making photos that look slightly different than others, Sam hosts 'The Weekly,' a sketch web-series that can be viewed on YouTube. He says 'My Heritage' is his first time making short films 'the right way'. Vesti's main goal is to learn everything he can about making movies. He considers Phil Leung and Alex Narvaez as his most important teachers - and yes, they paid Vesti a nice sum to have that sentiment included in his bio.


Maricel was born and raised in Toronto. After losing in a school talent show in grade four she vowed to never perform again, but after she heard that she would be fed free lunch for taking part in the film, she couldn't resist the opportunity to contribute to 'My Heritage.' Fun facts about Maricel: she can speak Spanish in French, every time she goes for a swim dolphins appear, she once owned a unicorn and she lives vicariously through herself. In her spare time, Maricel likes to move heavy things at the gym.

COMPOSER - Anthony Leung

While Anthony officially works in social media, his rock star dreams are never too far away. Besides writing music for My Heritage, he has written soundtracks for iPhone games, a song raising some much needed funds for a children's charity, and a birthday song which he sent to impress his then long-distance girlfriend (they're now married with two kids). Based in London, UK, he has recently clocked over 12,000 tweets on his @meanwritehook handle. He'd love for you tweet him a hello, but his wife begs you not to egg on his Twitter addiction.


This is the third short film Kiersty has been a part of, but the first one she is helping on the production side. She just couldn't stay away from such an original piece of work, although the free meal, fantastic crew, and being vaguely reconnected to her Chinese roots were also incentives. In addition to her love of photography, writing, and other random creative projects, Kiersty also enjoys showing off her Polish skills with random Polish tourists on the subway. To complicate matters, Kiersty is working on a second Master's on the side where she ponders the ontology of life in all its ghastly humour.

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