ACTOR Title: Nile

Written by: Peter Mbulo

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy

Logline: A Princess steps up to defend her father's kingdom after the exiled Prince returns to seek retribution.

Synopsis: [Ancient Egypt] The great KING ONURUS has built a decent empire with the help of QUEEN MIA. He has forged alliances with nearby kingdoms and thus building a successful. King Onurus has two children of completely different character.PRINCESS NILE is a tough, smart and determined person while PRINCE NEHASY is a lazy, power-hungry and less wise person. Nile's competitiveness makes her a bold leader and most likely to lead the kingdom than her brother.

NEHASY feels threatened by Nile's leadership qualities and fears he might never rule the kingdom after the King's death. He's devises a scheme to eliminate the king with the help of an assassin. The plot is intercepted and there kind is made aware of it.Nehasy admits trying to assassinate the king and he is exiled from there kingdom. Here takes with him a group of loyal soldiers. He and his group of soldiers terrorize the nearest villages they find and take control. This gradually grows his army until he is ready to overthrow the king of Western Libya. He attacks the kingdom and succeeds in this act. He then decides to seek retribution against his father and the whole kingdom to prove his worth, he decides to have his father assassinated first and then take the kingdom from his sister by force. Hw manages to assassinate his father as a s sign of the attack. Nike learns of this scheme and prepares to face him. She decides to go after him before he attacks. She launches a stealthy mission to Western lybia and discovered that the mission is tougher than she anticipated for.

She manages to find and confront him,after a struggle. She proposes a truce which Nehasy is satisfied with. She heads back to Egypt where she takes control of the kingdom, leading it in a successful manner the that c her father would have ideally wanted. She takes control of the defense wings, implementing and enforcing strategies that render her kingdom a powerhouse and the envy of others. Nehasy hears of the development in Egypt and allies himself with another v kingdom. He defies the terms of the truce by attacking again. He and his allies launch final attack on Nile's kingdom with the intent of destroying whoever stands in their way. They finally attack but Nile leads a strong army that withstand the attack. She eliminates her brother in the process .Her next task is to rebuild her kingdom and lead it using her wisdom and intuitive command.

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