ACTOR Title: Salvage and Recovery: The Heist

Written by: Lynn Winiarczykt

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Adventure, Crime, Thriller

Logline: The Salvage and Recovery business is booming, but Olivia Holiday and her team didn't think their latest job recovering antiquities for the Argentine Government would have them picking up strays as well as their intended cargo.

Synopsis: Olivia Holiday's company Salvage and Recovery Inc. gets hired by the Argentine government to find and bring back Incan artifacts stolen from a dig site near the Andes mountains. Her team goes down to find that the drug dealers that stole the artifacts have restored part of the old Transandine railroad between Agentina and Chile to transport them out of the country, but before Olivia's team gets a chance to get them back, they see Devon Marshal and his team in the process of stealing them from the drug dealers.

During the train robbery, Olivia's team not only recovers most of the artifacts from Devon's team, but takes in a stray Nash McKenna left behind locked in a train car by Devon's new girlfriend Sheree who hates Nash. Nash offers to help Olivia's team for a ticket back to the US and not being turned over to the Argentine authorities since he didn't know it was a robbery.

They play cat and mouse in the jungle with Devon's team who hits back hard killing two of Olivia's team and wounding another as well as Nash's friend Evan who was caught with Devon like Nash, not knowing it was a robbery.

Olivia and Nash face off with Devon and Sheree in Santiago Chile for the artifacts.

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