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After seeing Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park, Scott knew film would be the world in which he would end up.

Inspired by directors Quentin Tarantino, Tony Scott, David Fincher, Eli Roth and a few others, he made several short films including, In Loving Memory and Intoxicated Emotion. In Loving Memory showed an understanding of basic horror conventions, while imprinting his own style on the short. While Intoxicated Emotion, an anti-drug advert, gave a political message accompanied with a great visual style.

Scott later wrote and directed Jason, a short horror film looking at the effects of losing someone close to you and how that can drive you towards insanity. The film was entered into the 2 Days Later Short Film Festival in Kent, England. The film was well received by the audience and cemented Scotts desire to become a filmmaker. After Jason, Scott wrote and directed another short film Deadman's Jury.

He then spent a year developing and producing Beautiful War, an anti war documentary/drama written and directed by Scott. The film was shot using Super 8mm cameras and film, and was his first endeavor into non-digital filmmaking. Straight after Beautiful War, Scott wrote and directed Paris without Love, a short experimental film taping into the troubled world of heartbreak and love loss, once again shooting with Super 8mm cameras and film.

After years of developing his style and craft at college, Scott wrote, produced and directed Supernova. This was his first short with a professional crew and actors. The short was well received and gained Scott attention as a filmmaking, leading to the production of his next and last short film, Order of the Ram.

Order of the Ram marked a return to the horror genre, and would gain Scott more attention off the trailer alone. Using the Internet attention as momentum Scott's production company, Crossroad Pictures, showcased the short around the UK at a series of Horror Nights presented by Eli Roth's The Crypt.

Scott then went on to make Silently Within Your Shadow. Another short horror film, this time starring horror legend Bill Moseley as the voice of Ventriloquists Dummy Hugo, which is currently playing the 2015 festival circuit worldwide.

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