ACTOR Title: Shaman of the North

Written by: Tamuna Tsertsvadze

Type: TV Show

Genre: Animation, Fantasy, Adventure

Logline: A young Viking shaman, Frey Eriksson, tries to retrieve the Thor's hammer artifact of his village from vicious god Loki's hands, to prevent him from fulfilling his evil plans of destroying the happiness of the world.

Synopsis: Frey Eriksson is the only son of Erik Thorsteinsson, the famous dark mage of the village Morkerheim in Swedish lands of the Viking Age. After Erik, controlled by the will for power, goes against the gods, Thor punishes him by the order of Odin, the mainest god. Helga, Erik's wife, bears a child, a son, whom she calls Frey, but she doesn't make it till the end, and dies. Her dearest friend, kind old man Harald, takes little Frey as his own, and raises him together with his only daughter, Thora. In his young years Frey already shows interest towards magic, which Harald and his wife, Matilda, don't like, as they consider mage powers a curse, after Erik's fatal death. Although, young Frey secretly continues his researches and at his twenty years manages to call a Viking warrior from Valhalla, seventeen years old Sveinn, a Viking who always craves for battles.

Loki, the evil god of fire and mischief, meanwhile develops his plan to destroy the happiness and joy in the world. For that he steals Thor's hammer artifact from the Morkerheim village, and hides away to make a mistletoe spear to kill the god of happiness, Baldr. Frey, Thora and Sveinn go on a quest to return the hammer artifact before vicious Loki manages to create the deadly spear.

But who knows, maybe the dark heart of his father still beats in Frey's chest..?

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