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After decades of servicing cinematography and having an experience from various posts and productions both domestic and international, I decided to direct the short film “Lucy”, the writing debut of Alexis Giannoulis. Although family, the approach was a strictly professional one right from the beginning and whilst I worked with Alexis on polishing up the shooting script, I respected all the major initial points of the story and had a smooth, effortless cooperation.

Having had a fair amount of experience as a DoP, always close to the directors of the films I've worked in, the direction of Lucy, a sentimental film was both a small challenge and pleasure for me since most of the crew was made up by highly skilled professionals, many with international experience, and a veteran casting which, despite any objective difficulties or shortcomings, cooperated with me in a very professional way contributing the most to the making of the film.

Being a personal story touching on more than one major, universal and deeply humane issues (such as the relationship between an elderly couple, childlessness and the sacrifices that had to be made), the challenge was first for the starring actors to find their way together and look as they should on the screen and then to be able to achieve a result that wouldn't be too mellow yet neither too cold for both the actors and the audience. Managing the actors and achieving the right dose of sentimentality were the main challenges I, as the DIR and all the rest of the creative crew had to come up against.

I hope both the festival committees and the wider audience to have a joyful viewing of Lucy and that we have at least achieved a respectable outcome and film.

festival posterLUCY

16min, Greece, Family/Drama