Written by: Eric Monteiro

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Family

Logline: A recently orphaned little girl is determined to take her mother's bones to an ancient island burial ground, but must first recruit an outlaw who can breathe under water as her guardian on the sea-faring adventure.

Synopsis: A newly orphaned 8-year old girl named Melanie meets a boy named Charlie at the orphanage they both call home, and learns about his extra-ordinary ability to breathe under water. Melanie and Charlie grow into teenage sweethearts who dream of escaping the prison-like orphanage and venturing off together to the mystical lost island of Nalus where it is told that people with extra-ordinary abilities once lived. They are separated during their under water escape, causing Charlie to fear the worst for Melanie. Without Melanie, Charlie falls into a life of street crime, ending up in prison after losing a frantic high-speed police chase which sends his stolen taxicab flying off the edge of a pier and into the depths of the bay. Instead of using his unique ability to swim away and complete his underwater escape, Charlie's ultimate good-will leads him to pull the drowning cabdriver out of the sunken vehicle and surface with him, saving a life and surrendering to the waiting authorities.

Eight years later, Charlie is paying for his crimes in a rural prison compound, when he receives a message from an old friend that Melanie has gone missing at the hands of a fellow prison inmate named Carter. Driven by a renewed energy, Charlie leads Carter on an improvised daring daylight escape, breathing through flooded underground tunnels leading outside to the compound's forest perimeter. Once free, Charlie loses Carter in a swamp, and hides out from authorities with the help of a garbage man named Walter. Together they track down Carter to a container ship marina, and after a cat and mouse chase, Carter is captured and accidentally killed. In this marina, Charlie is startled by a small figure in the murky water, a little girl named Elsa. She gives him the shocking news that she is recovering the sunken skeletal remains of her mother, Melanie.

With Charlie in shock from the grim news of Melanie's fate, Walter takes responsibility for Elsa. Charlie struggles with the prospect that this little girl is his daughter, though Elsa affirms they are not blood. She recruits them to help her take Melanie's bones to an ancient burial ground on the island of Nalus to be properly laid to rest. Elsa struggles to convince them that not only are the legends of Nalus real, but that the water-breathing Charlie is the sole-surviving native. When the authorities arrive as they attempt to board an illegal cargo seaplane, Walter sacrifices his freedom by diverting them, leaving Elsa alone with Charlie to escape on the plane together. Elsa is distraught to leave Walter behind, forcing Charlie to take over as guardian.

On the flight, Elsa forges a crude set of bow and arrows. Once over the proper coordinates, they ditch the plane mid-flight in a small boat rigged with parachutes, which takes them down to the ocean surface. Elsa sends Charlie to look for a sunken pirate ship in the deep sea to recover the mystical Nalusian spear needed for protection on the island. When he ascends with the spear, Elsa navigates the way to Nalus.

Once on the island, Elsa is injured when they are attacked by an amphibious monster inside a giant open log bridge. Charlie loses the spear during the fight but is saved by Elsa who slays the beast with an arrow. She then drops to the ground, dying from her injuries. Charlie struggles to revive Elsa at a mystical anointing waterfall. She awakens and reveals to him that he is in fact her father. Melanie's family enters the sacred burial ground and lays her bones to rest, giving peace to her soul for all time.

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