ACTOR Title: The Ambitious life of Apple

Written by: Lucky Mahdar


Genre: Animation, Family, Musical

Logline: Feeling out of place, Timmy's life will take another course of action with the arrival of musical notes " The melody's Family".

Synopsis: The series is set in the fictional American city of LAVAPODKA, where all the savants and scientist of the world live. The city is known for its outstanding scientific research and development. All of its inhabitants are mathematicians, physicists, biologists, engineers, astronauts, Chemists and doctors... To an extent, they left administrative jobs and activities to babies and kids.

However, little Timmy Charles (9 years old) stood out when he discovered his passion for music. And since art was long discarded in LAVAPODKA, Timmy was not allowed to play music or own an instrument. One day as he was having his breakfast he started playing the spoons. Then he came up with a brilliant melody right before his mother stopped him. The melody was a cry for help. To which musical notes responded. "Do", "Re", "Mi", "and Fa" decided to move in to LAVAPODKA to encourage Timmy to learn music and convince "The LAVAPODKINS" of the meaning it conveys. They were a family Mr. Do, Mrs. Mi along with their children Re and Fa. Leaving home "La La la Land" their purpose was to integrate difference as a virtue not an error. The melody's family was provoked by the rejections of lAVAPODKINS, Thus they had to show them what it was like being spontaneous and easy going. The show focuses on the daily life of Timmy along with the Melody's family as they attempt to inspire the LAVAPODKINS. Each episode revolves around the abnormal conflicts and chaotic situations that Timmy and the Melody's family encounter and their everyday surreal adventures and experiences.

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