ACTOR Title: The Combination inc.

Written by: Oz Greek

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Crime, Biography, Drama

Logline: Jewish immigrants, attempting to make a living for themselves, innovated organized crime. Murder Inc. AKA "The Combination" was founded by New York, Jewish Americans Meyer Lansky and Benjamin Siegel in the 1920's. This is the story...

Synopsis: The bugs and meyer mob was the predecessor to Murder, Incorporated. The gang was founded by New York jewish American mobsters Meyer Lansky and Benjamin Siegel in the early 1920's. After the castellammarese war and the assination of US mafia boss Salvatore Monanzano, Italian mafioso Charles "Lucky" Luciano created the commission. Soon after, Siegal and Lansky disbanded the bugs and meyer gang and formed Murder Inc. The Combination"

Jewish gangsters in America innovated organized crime. Jews were decendants of immagrants attempting to create a living for themselves.

This is the story of the Jewish immigrants who innovated organized crime and who the brains behind italian muscle. Jews were pushed around by italians and irish families competing for business. Jews earned their respect in business and orgaized crime, this is how.

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