ACTOR Title: The Fantastic Within

Written by: Andy McGuire

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Fantasy, Family

Logline: With her beloved grandfather ill, an adventurous young girl finds herself in a magical world deep inside his imagination. Seeing an opportunity to confront her grandfather's illness and destroy it, she ventures to the heart of his mind to save him, making friends, and enemies, along the way.

Synopsis - Think "The Labyrinth" meets "Alice In Wonderland," only with Pixar-level deep morals. Sandy Buttons is a 12 year old girl with a big imagination, thanks to her equally imaginative grandfather, Stan. Throughout her life, he has regaled her with countless fantastical stories from sky pirates and deep sea explorers, to tales of monsters both frightening and fun. When Stan reaches the end of his life due to cancer, Sandy remains by his side, stricken with grief. One night, she falls asleep by his side in the hospital and awakens in a strange new world. She is amazed to find that her grandfather's characters and stories have come to life inside this wonderous place. She soon realizes that she is deep inside her grandfather's mind, where his imagination is stored. Believing she can save her grandfather from within this land, she ventures to the darkest region of Stan's mind, where she plans to confront the very cancer that is trying to kill her grandfather. Aided by Lee, a representation of her grandfather's psyche in the form of a small wooden canary, she must avoid the dangers of the Antibodies, creatures who see her as an intruder that must be purged, along with other challenges and obstacles that await her. Along the way, she'll make new friends to help her, and learned valuable lessons about life and death.

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