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Written by: Charan S. Sidhu

Type: Feature Script

Genre: Action, Thriller

Logline: Disappearing children trail leads to an organ harvesting farm

Story: British and French intelligence is disturbed by children disappearing from their former Sub-Sahara colonies and decide to investigate and nib it in the bud before the disease reach their shores. Working separately, British intelligence send a nurse while the French send a priest. They stumble upon an abandoned church and upon each other and after a fight, agree to work for a common cause. They find a secret lab in the church used for assessing suitable human specimens. Kidnapped healthy children are transported to a remote Atlantic where they are bread for producing healthy organs. The international syndicate ship in frail transplant patients to the island for the organ transplant. MI6 get wind of transplant patients discharging themselves and put inject a secret tracking device into one patient. Meanwhile, on the island, the nurse is discovered and put with the children. She is rescued by the French agent. Together they fight a loosing battle with the syndicate soldiers. In the nick of time, British commandos land on the island and rescue the children. The syndicate kingpin makes good his escape.

The End

The open end can lead to a second adventure.

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