ACTOR Title: The Liquidators

Written by: Kevin Mejia

Type: TV PILOT/Webseries

Genre: Crime, Drama

Logline: Link Hobbes, is the main character and protagonist who is recently released from jail for a minor marijuana possession. After Link gets out he is scared and realizes he needs to give up the drug dealing game for good, he gets a job through his friend Red at a crappy used car dealership. After 2 weeks Link becomes bored and regrets going straight, once approached by Wu, a major drug dealer, Link decides to take the proposition that he offers. Although knowing it would hurt his long time friend Cecilia, who cares the most about him. Once Link and Red really start getting the payoff from selling drugs through the vehicles, they fall dangerously in love with greed. Furthering the relationships he already damaged with his father Clark and Cecilia, who begins dating someone. When Wu ends up murdered, and no suspect apprehended. Link begins to worry, but little does he know, Red was behind it all along.

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