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  MOVIE POSTER THE PACKAGE, Romance/Drama - 19min - Brazil
Directed by Rafael Aidar

A delicate and sutil love history between two young gay men. One of them is HIV positive. It has a powerful and contemporary message of acceptance and tolerance.

Main cast

Jeferson Brito as Jefferson
Victor Monteiro as Leandro
Thais Oliveira as Kelly
Priscila Gomes as Janaina
Francisco Gaspar as Professor Clovis
Cida Almeida as Jefferson's mother
Jorge Cerruti as Man in the bathroom
Aurelio de Oliveira as Pub owner


Produced by Beatriz Carvalho, O PACOTE is a co-production between Aurora Films and Klaxon Cultura Audiovisual.

The short-film can be considered as integrative part of a collection of films that revolves around LGBT themes. The recent growing production of such films represents an undeniable phenomenon in the Brazilian cinema history.

O PACOTE, though, depicts a group of students from an underprivileged social background rarely found in this type of cinematography. Moreover, it shows an HIV-positive main character within an original universe of different themes, characters, conflicts and places.

For those reasons, the cast preparation was of utmost importance in the film production. This can be easily noticed in the brilliant performances given by the young main actors and background actors. The auditions took place in March 2012 at SP Escola de Teatro, a drama school which embraced our project since its beginning. More than a hundred young actors took part in the auditions so that we could end up with our four main characters. Other actors from SP Escola acted as supporting cast and background actors.

O PACOTE was shot in June 2012, within four days in different neighbourhoods in Sao Paulo: Vila Madalena (West zone), Imirim (North zone) and Saude and Sacoma (South zone).


Recent research suggests that, in spite of countless campaigns, easier access to information and prevention, the spread of HIV infection is still recurrent specially when it comes to teenagers, main target of such campaigns. In order to tackle this contemporary theme, the director decided to present this universe not only as a portrait or reflection of a situation, but he went deeper. This is the place where we can find all the pearls and other delicate jewels in this sensitive and mature film.

In order to portray the problems and universe of young gays in the contemporary city of Sao Paulo, this short-film is not targeting a specific or restrict audience. Quite the opposite, the guiding principle used to construct the narrative was one that could enable it to expand its circulation among different audiences, different social strata, ages and sexual identities. To talk about love and other aspects of our human nature, the director centred his narrative around a love relationship between two people.

Thus, O PACOTE is an objective and opportune work. A register based on respect and on the sensitivity to deal with such a strong, relevant and tactful theme nowadays, in Sao Paulo or in the whole world.

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