Title: The World Underwater

Written by: Meghna Nagar

Genre: Suspense

Type: Short Story

LOGLINE: The story is of a national swimmer who loves swimming. It is her dream to swim each and every waterbody in the world. One day she came across a beautiful ocean which was at a deserted place and surprisingly it was not even on the world map! Being water-addicted she decided to swim across the ocean. When she began underwater swimming, she saw some beautiful species of plants and water animals which she had never seen before.

She was so fascinated by it's beauty that she swam deep inside the water. After some time, she saw a door under water. She was curious to know about this door and decided to open it. Behind the door there was not even a single drop of water, though it was in an ocean and there was a big room which was dimly lighted. The girl got into the room and all that she saw were shadows. SHADOWS of people, animals etc but surprisingly there were no humans of those shadows.

The girl noticed the world under water consisted of only shadows of people and not the people. She got scared of it and decided to walk out of the room. She swam quickly and reached the shore. She decided to report this " Underwater room which had only shadows" to the public authorities.

The police even got amazed by this and decided to go to that room under water. The girl showed them the way and when all of them reached that place there was no room and no shadows it was only water and water all over! The police was disappointed with the girl as they thought that the girl was faking the news. So what do you think, was the room just the imagination of the girl? Or does the room actually exists?

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