Written by: Charma Hagans


Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller, Romance

Logline: An on the edge of your seat drama about a NYPD detective who falls in love with a woman; who's brother is the head of a drug cartel and the detective's partner gone bad, determined to end their romance.

Synopsis: When Detective Yates begins investigating the Aubrey Cartel, he goes on a "wild goose chase" all over New York state, attempting to track down James "Jon Jon" Aubrey. He's able to link a triple homicide and rape in the city to Mr. Aubrey, and after receiving information; that a big drug shipment is going down in Jacksonville Florida, he heads down south; but not before meeting Savon Hagans, the baby sister of Mr. Aubrey.

What he fought so hard to keep from happening does. He falls hard for Savon and she for him. Her love for him is tested when her brother threatens to take his life and she's forced to shoot her own brother to save the life of the man she loves so much. Mr. Aubrey is finally apprehended and brought to justice, but his "henchmen" are still on the loose. One month later Savon discovers that she's pregnant with Detective Yates baby.

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