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Written by: June Helen Fleming


Genre: Frightening adventure fear

LOGLINE: My husband Bob and I took our six month old baby boy with us on a fishing trip, with several friends. Little did we know it would turn into a terrible disaster, and all our lives would be in great danger? We all boarded a boat called a pointer. It was a longing boat in its early days, and later made into a fishing boat. After several people had their fishing lines out a long row of windows along each side of the boat, all of a sudden bad storm came up, with a very strong wind. The anchor would not hold the boat so they pulled it up, and the boat began to drift towards a huge wall of rock that is called Devil's Rock on Lake Temiskaming. The rock wall is natural, and is 300 feet high and 300 feet deep. There is no shore to get off on. The man who owns the boat manages to get us away from crashing into Devil's Rock just in time, and as we start to make our way back to shore the boat's motor quits, and the boat started splashing from side to side smashing the windows, on both sides of the boat. We are now in the widest part of the lake, and it is pitch black out. The men try to find a flash light to see what is wrong with the boat motor, while the boat keeps tossing from side to side smashing the windows on both sides of the boat. Finally someone finds a flash light and the owner of the boat manages to get the motor started, and we make it back to the dock. We feared our lives would be lost that stormy night, along with our little baby boy. I held him close and prayed we would all be saved, and the lake would not take us.

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