ACTOR Title: Turn the Tables

Written by: Herschel Medlin

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Logline: Music, turntables, big hair, brawls, girls, and revenge are just a few words to describe this story of Generation X. Turn the Tables is the bare-knuckle yet hilarious flashback tale of love lost, again and again, like the scratches on a 12" vinyl record.

Synopsis: High school d.j.'s Travis and Carl want to graduate high school in 1991, leave for the Marines, pass on their d.j. business to their aloof friend Paul, and get the girls of their dreams. This is no small task. Travis and Carl are under constant attack by The Crew, a larger d.j. group and street hardened gang led by Josh. Jennifer is Josh's girl and Travis has dreams of winning Jennifer's heart from Josh's tight and slightly abusive grasp. Travis battles with personal demons and while unraveling questions about his mysterious past. Travis is able to bait The Crew into a final ambush that we learn was carefully orchestrated to happen from the very beginning.

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